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Fuel Efficiency Tips For You and the Family

3 years ago

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Fuel Efficiency Tips
Fueling Your Savings

Saving money at the gas pump is something all drivers should strive to do, especially during summer when demand and gas prices are higher. Check out these fuel efficiency tips from us here at Nissan of Visalia in Visalia, CA to help cut costs this summer.

Slow Down

Obeying the speed limit isn’t just a way to avoid traffic tickets. Driving at or below the speed limit can increase fuel efficiency as well. Every five miles per hour over 50 mph can reduce fuel economy by seven percent. That adds up to a hefty amount over a year’s worth of driving.

While the Nissan Sentra may be sporty, maximizing its EPA-estimated 37 Highway MPG requires you to abide by the speed limit. *

Plan Ahead

Scheduling your trips ahead of time will ultimately save fuel and cut down on costs at the pump. Attending to several errands before returning home instead of returning home in between will save both time and money. Plan your errand running ahead of time to maximize savings this summer.

The Nissan Altima is great for taking road trips and running around town with an EPA-estimated 27 city/39 Highway MPG.* Make the most of it by planning ahead.

Remove Weight

Some drivers tend to keep unnecessary belongings in their truck. Things like suitcases and other heavy objects add weight to the vehicle. That can significantly impact fuel economy, especially if the weight is excessive. Fortunately, the simple solution is to remove the extra weight.

In addition to removing excess weight, try to avoid keeping things, such as bikes, on the vehicle when you aren’t planning to use them. The Nissan Maxima’s V6 engine earns up to an EPA-estimated 30 Highway MPG.* While you may not feel the extra weight when accelerating, your fuel economy certainly will.

*Use for comparison only. EPA estimates. Actual mileage will vary.

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