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Road Trip Safety Tips

2 years ago

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Road Trip Safety
Taking A Trip With Your Best Friend

There are always risks when you get behind the wheel, but those risks are tenfold when you’re going on a long road trip. By the end of a long day of driving, you’re tired, distracted, and hungry, and those things make your driving worse. Here are some tips for road trip safety.


Before your trip, get your car inspected to make sure that your battery doesn’t need to be replaced, your tires are in good shape and properly inflated, your fluids are all topped off, and your air conditioner is working properly. You should also know some repair basics like replacing tires and adding coolant or motor oil.

Beauty Sleep

Get a good night’s sleep the night before you leave, and try to leave around the time you’d usually leave the house in the morning so you don’t throw off your schedule too much. Take brakes every couple of hours and switch off with another driver if possible so you can rest.

Advanced Safety Systems

You can’t totally prevent distracted driving or fatigue, though, so rely on Nissan’s advanced safety systems to keep you safe on your road trip. Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield® utilizes radar and cameras to avoid forward collisions, let you know when it’s safe to change lanes, and even alert you when it senses that you aren’t paying attention.

For more information about Safety Shield® or more safety tips, give us a call today at Nissan of Visalia!

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