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Nissan Dog Car X-Trail Concept

2 years ago

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Nissan Dog Car

At the Geneva Motor Show last month in Switzerland, Nissan showed us a concept we didn’t know we needed, but now desperately want. It was a modified version of the European X-Trail (Rogue here in the U.S.) that featured a plush dog-centered cargo area.

Many dog owners consider their four-legged friends to be part of the family, so it just makes sense that we would want to take care of them in a special way.

The Nissan dog car gives us an ideal place to safely let our dogs come along for the ride. The rear cargo area is lined in quilted leather to make cleaning up easy. In addition, it includes two drawers under the floor that come with hose and dryer to quick baths. Dogs will appreciate the ramp that pulls out from the floor for easy loading. And, they will stay happy with a “no spill” water bowl, treat dispenser, dog bed, and a clip-on safety harness.

There is even a high-tech element. Owners will be able to keep their eyes on their fuzzy friends with a camera and dogs can wag their tails back with the two-way video screen.

Unfortunately, you won’t find this model at Nissan of Visalia since it is just a concept, but how many of you dog-lovers would seriously consider this if it were real?


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