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Nissan Technology: Comfort, Efficiency, Safety

2 years ago

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Nissan Technology

2017 Nissan Altima Interior Technology

Nissan is one of the most dedicated companies in the auto industry to the development of revolutionary technology. The company approaches development through lenses of long-term innovation, environmentalism, and safety, and these approaches have let them conceptualize and develop over a hundred technologies and systems.

The Nissan technology website lists 70 technologies that are currently available in their production cars, as well as over 40 future features that are being tested and will appear in coming years. From active safety features like Blind Spot Warning to advanced lithium ion technology to comfort-focused technology like Zero Gravity seats, Nissan’s present technologies address a wide range of problems drivers have had for years.

Nissan’s future technologies are even more ambitious. The biggest is Autonomous Drive, which will allow cars to drive themselves using radar and sonar technologies, but that’s a few years off—there are technologies Nissan can and will put out even sooner, like wireless electric vehicle charging, autonomous emergency steering, next-generation hydrogen fuel cell technology, and so much more.

Whether you’re buying a new car tomorrow or you buy a Nissan five years from now, you’ll be getting the latest in vehicle technology and the safest, smartest vehicles on the road. Make sure to check out Nissan of Visalia for the most current and new models with updated technology.

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