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New Rogue Sport to Follow in Nissan Rogue’s Footsteps

2 years ago

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New Rogue SportThe Nissan Rogue has had an extraordinarily successful run so far. The ad campaign and promotions of the Rogue alongside the release of the recent “Rogue One” Star Wars film increased awareness about the nameplate and quickly bolstered it to the top of Nissan’s sales reports. However, Nissan has plans to replicate the success of that ad campaign with the release of the new Rogue Sport.

Now that customers all over the globe have come to recognize ‘Rogue’ as a household name, Nissan claims that the best method is to advertise through name recognition. Advertising strategies will seek to create the same sort of anticipation and buzz around the Rogue Sport that originally surrounded the standard Rogue.

The Rogue Sport also originally had a different name; in Europe, the Nissan Qashqai, as it’s called, is one of the most popular and award-winning vehicles in the crossover segment. It satisfies young families who need more versatility than your typical family sedan.

Nissan executives are confident that the introduction of the new Rogue Sport in the American market will have the advantage of the Nissan Rogue’s success, spurring it forward in sales when it rolls out across the U.S. to dealerships sometime this spring. Meanwhile, Nissan continues looking for new ways to expand their marketing and engage the organization.

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