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Stay Safe: Driving Tips for Halloween

2 years ago

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Halloween is a kid’s favorite night of the year, one of the few opportunities where a whole night can be one big game of make-believe and show-and-tell combined. Plus, there’s candy! In all of the hubbub, driving can be more challenging than ever for adults. It’s hard enough to get kids to look both ways on an average night, but when there are treats on the other side of every street, it’s impossible.

Take these extra precautions to make sure everyone gets home safe:

Don’t park where you have to back up.

If you’re dropping kids off, don’t pull into the driveway like you normally would, but park at the curb and let them exit on the sidewalk side of the car. With kids darting through yards and into the street, you don’t want to risk backing up if it can be avoided.

Remember that where there is one, there are sure to be more.

Kids trick-or-treat in packs and everyone wants to ring the doorbell, so when you see one child bolting into the road, it’s likely there are several more following close behind. Take your time to be sure that every costumed candy hunter has made it safely to the sidewalk before driving on.

Just slow down.

If you’re driving through a residential area, please take your time. Even if it takes two extra minutes run your errand, it’s worth it to catch a glimpse of this year’s monsters, ghouls, fairies, and princesses and to make sure that everyone makes it home safe.

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